Bursary Fund for OBU Students

Oxford Brookes has introduced a bursary fund for students with financial difficulties. It will cover the submission fee and is only available to students who are submitting their RAP for the first time. Bursary for OBU students To apply, you will need to submit a 1500 word statement explaining:

  • the benefits you will gain from undertaking the degree, and
  • how having the degree will enable you to make a greater contribution to your society

You will also need to demonstrate why you need financial support.

Alongside the statement, you are required to submit two letters of recommendation. These should come from a professional person, e.g. line manager, tutor or a senior colleague. Where appropriate, the letters should come on official letterhead paper. Recommendations from family or friends are not acceptable.

A maximum of 5 bursaries will be granted in each submission period.

The deadline for application is:

  • 1st January for the May submission
  • 1st July fo the November submission

An application must be submitted in a Word document to acca@brookes.ac.uk with the subject line “Bursary Application”. You can find the application form at the end of the OBU Information Pack.