DON’T submit your RAP to Turnitin

In the April 2016 newsletter, OBU advises the students NOT to use Turnitin. Here’s the extract of the newsletter:
OBU Turnitin Notice
As stated in the notice, you can use WriteCheck instead. WriteCheck is owned by Turnitin, so you will get the same type of service without the risk of an administrative review of your RAP matching the copy you uploaded to Turnitin.

Using WriteCheck is a good option, but only as a secondary measure. The first step is to make sure you thoroughly reference everything in your RAP.

For more information on referencing, check out my OBU RAP Referencing Tips article.

Don’t forget to paraphrase when using external sources. Everything should be explained in your own words so the marker can clearly see that you understand what you’re talking about and not just copying verbatim.