5 Documents you need to submit to OBU

Ensure that you submit all the required documents to Oxford Brookes University.  Some students think that all they need to submit is their Research Report and the SLS. Wrong!

Mentor meeting 3 includes a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation. You are required to submit your presentation slides. If you don’t, you will fail the Communication Skills part of the SLS.

One of the OBU degree requirements is to show evidence of using a spreadsheet and/or other software in preparing your Research Report. This could be done by using a spreadsheet to calculate financial ratios/performance indicators and to prepare graphs/tables/pie charts. You need to include a spreadsheet file as an appendix.

Last but not least, you need to submit an alphabetically ordered list of references. I recommend keeping the list as part of your research report document and moving it to a new document once you have finalised the report. That way you can be sure your list of references is up to date, especially if you are using the Word Referencing tool. For more details, check out my OBU RAP Referencing Tips article.

In summary, when you come to submit your RAP, you will need to upload the following:

  • RAP as a Word document.  Your ACCA number and the word count must be on the front cover.
  • List of References as a Word document
  • SLS as a Word document
  • Presentation as a PowerPoint document (max 20 slides)
  • At least one spreadsheet MUST be uploaded as an Excel document (xls or xlsx) in the ‘Spreadsheet’ section; if you have other spreadsheet files they can be uploaded as general appendices. The spreadsheet(s) MUST demonstrate the use of appropriate formulae. Screenshots or PDF files of a spreadsheet are NOT acceptable.
  • Extracts of the financial statements can be uploaded as pdf documents in the Appendices (if necessary).

Ensure that all of the files you want to upload and submit online are less than 10MB. The SLS has to be less than 250Kb.

If you are using an Apple Mac, you will need to use Firefox browser, not Safari, for your upload to work.

All projects will be processed through TURNITIN.