How can I verify an OBU mentor’s credibility?

In order to complete your OBU degree, you need to choose a project mentor. If the mentor is not registered with OBU, you won’t be able to submit your RAP. To access the list of Registered mentors, you need to register on the Oxford Brookes mentoring site
Once you complete the mentee registration, you will be taken to a dashboard. From there, you have two options:

a) Find Mentors on a map in your area

b) Find a Mentor from the full list

If you are looking for an online mentor, I recommend selecting the second option so you can see all mentors in one list. 

For each mentor, you’ll see 1 – 3 locations next to their name. This is not applicable for an online mentoring service as you won’t be seeing each other in person. You’ll see that I have selected three UK cities, but I’m happy to mentor students from all over the world. 

When you click the mentor’s name, you will have access to more information; for example the list of topics they have chosen to mentor. When selecting a mentor, make sure the topic you want to work on is listed in their profile.  

Contact those mentors who fit your requirements the most. The selected mentors will get an email with your contact details and should hopefully get back to you.  This initial contact with a mentor is key, as it gives you an insight into the mentor’s writing style and response time.