How do I pick a company for my OBU RAP

Picking a company for your RAP doesn’t have to be difficult. In this post, I’ll go over the key factors you need to think about when selecting a company. 
Here are the top six points to consider:

1. Availability and access to the data – In order to conduct your research you need to have access to certain data. For Topic 8 and 15, you need to use the company’s most up to date financial statements (you need to analyse 3 years worth of financial statements).

2. Public or privately held – I recommend going for a publicly listed company that’s over 5 years old. Start by reading through the biggest stock exchanges to look for companies that are of interest to you and then research them further.

3. News and other media coverage – By picking a public company with a high market cap, you’re going to be able to find a lot more information about them other than just the financial statements. Has there been an event or scandal that might have impacted the company? How has this affected their financial performance? What do industry analysts and commentators think of it? These are all interesting points that you can research further and maybe factor into your report. 

4. The Industry/Sector – From Period 32, you will be required to choose an organisation from the sectors provided by the OBU. The list of sectors is published in the Information Pack.

5. A comparator or industry average (this is a must for Topic 8) – The comparator company needs to operate in the same industry and provide similar products/services. It is not a problem if the two chosen companies don’t have the same year-end. However, you must address this issue correctly in your project.

6. Personal interest
 It is important to consider a company that you are interested in researching.