Online OBU mentoring and its benefits

As part of your Research and Analysis Project, you are required to have three meetings with your Project Mentor, each lasting around 30 minutes. The mentor meetings can be conducted in person or online. 
I offer online mentoring to mentees from all over the world. The first two mentor meetings take place over Skype and the last one, which includes a 15-minute presentation, is conducted via Google Hangouts.

The benefits of online mentoring are:

  • flexible meetings to fit your schedule
  • can cost less than meetings in person
  • wider choice of OBU registered mentors
  • can be conducted anywhere in the world
  • lots of online support and guidance
In order to access the list of registered mentors, you need to register at the OBU Mentoring website

To find out more about the Mentoring website and the process of locating a mentor, visit my How can I verify an online OBU mentor’s credibility? article.