OBU RAP Resubmission Statement

If you are resubmitting your Research and Analysis Project, you are required to write a 500 word Resubmission Statement. I have discussed all the major points of the RAP resubmission process in my What is the RAP Resubmission process article.

The Resubmission Statement needs to include an explanation on how you have addressed the feedback provided by the marker and moderator. When you come to resubmit your RAP, the database will prompt you to upload a resubmission statement.

Please note:

If you change your topic and/or organisation then you do NOT need to upload a 500 word resubmission statement.
Instead, you will need to upload a short document explaining that as you have changed your topic and/or organisation, the full resubmission statement is not required.

You can either use the Resubmission Statement or you can just create a short Word document. Either method is acceptable.


4 Responses

  1. Aineen says:

    If the resubmission statement is not according to the format provided and is just a word document, will that lead to failure?

  2. Anna Lishman says:

    There is no problem if you have submitted the resubmission statement in a word document.

  3. Mishal says:

    Hey Anna can you guide me on the resubmission statement. I have changed my topic and organisation. What I can understand from your above mentioned article is that we dont need to write a full 500 word statement. We can just specify in it that we have changed our topic and organisation. Is there anything else we need to specify in order to avoid any kind of failure? Basically it is justa a formality to submit the resubmission statement even if its just 5 words?

  4. Anna Lishman says:

    As per the rules, as you have changed the topic/organisation, you dont need to submit the full resubmission statement. State that you are not submitting the full statement as you have changed the organisation and topic. This is sufficient. Ensure you submit the latest resubmission statement which you can find the Resubmission guide 2015-16.