Why should you do the OBU degree in Applied Accounting

There are many benefits in completing the Oxford Brookes degree in Applied Accounting. In this article, I am going to cover what I think are the most significant ones. Great addition to your CV

There are many accounting jobs which require an ACCA qualification and a BSc (or higher). Without a degree, you would not be eligible to apply for these jobs.

Wildly recognised qualification

Oxford Brookes University degree is a wildly recognised and respected qualification. By gaining the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting, awarded by Oxford Brookes University, you will not only demonstrate to potential or existing employer that you possess all the relevant graduate skills to equip you for a brilliant career in accounting and finance, but that it is from a university that has a reputation for excellence.


By choosing myself as your mentor, you can get a well-respected degree under £800!

This is much cheaper compared to studying for an undergraduate degree full time. I looked at the Oxford Brookes University tuition prices, and here is the breakdown:

Tuition fees for a full time undergraduate course per year: £9,000 x 3 = £27,000
Living costs per year: £9,000 x 3 = £27,000
Total cost  £54,000!
As you can see, the ACCA OBU degree is a clear winner in terms of cost. Plus it will take you less time to complete.

Learn new skills

Undertaking this degree is something completely different to studying for the ACCA exams. You will learn many new skills, for example, how to:

  • think more independently,
  • conduct research,
  • analyse and evaluate data,
  • form opinions based on the evidence,
  • present your findings in a professional manner and much more.
You will also learn how to prepare an effective PowerPoint presentation and present it to your mentor and other students.

Nothing to lose

You have nothing to lose by submitting the project. You have three attempts to pass the Research and Analysis Project. If you are eligible, then you should definitely take this opportunity and complete the degree project.

I would recommend this degree to anyone, even if you have one already!