Ensure you choose a Registered Mentor

Applicable from June 2015 onwards, your chosen mentor must be a Registered Mentor. In order to get registered, the mentor will have to successfully complete the OBU Online Mentoring course. Your mentor can be:
  • a qualified chartered certified accountant (ACCA),
  • a senior colleague at work (e.g. your line manager) or
  • your tutor at college or university.
To find a Registered Mentor, you need to register as a mentee at: www.oxfordbrookesmentoring.co.uk/mentees/register.

Once registered, you will access to the Registered Mentors list. For more information about this process, check out my How can I verify an online OBU mentor’s credibility article.

Note: If your Mentor is not registered, you will not be able to submit your RAP.
When you come to submit your RAP, the online submission portal will prompt you to enter your mentor’s details. Your mentor will then be required to confirm that they undertook your mentoring.